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Bring It On

Bring It On Lyrics by McKinley Phipps Jr.
Bring It On Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Bring It On By McKinley Phipps Jr.?

[Featuring Fiend Mac Skull Dugery see Murder Mystikal]


What's goin on out there in soldier world? {All my soldiers and


This Fiend the excited private nigga act like ya know me

Here to represent on Mia X Ms. Mama Drama Shit {Mama Drama Nigga}

Here we have Mac the shell shocker skull dugery

see mother fucking Murder Mystikal

And last but not least Fiend the excited private

Here to represent like this ya heard me?

[Chorus X4]

Cock, bust, squeeze, aim

We No Limit Soldiers nigga you know our name

[Mia X]

What y'all niggas really come to do

If you with me tell them soldier haters F*ck you {F*ck you}

What y'all bitches really come to do

If you with me tell them soldiers haters f*ck you {f*ck you]

True niggas on the front line ready to squezze

Bitches think before you speak cause you don't want none of these

Left, right, left roundhouse

Cause everytime I bring it one sombody gets knocked out

About as bout it bout it as it gets

It's that bitch

Mia X lady no limit {yeah that bitch}

Mama four-star {yeah that bitch}

You don't want to go to war {That's that bitch}

Drill me

I make ya fell me like ya dick in burning pussy

Lyrical beats or in the streets nigga I'm no rookie

I'm the drama in your heart when your people get killed

The most respected gangsta bitch on the real cause I will

[Chorus X2]


Remember me I tote a shoty

Military gunfare just one day

Paper weight hands and arrest leg

I ain't scared I done prayed for all the consequences

Brand new glock inventions and killers with bad intentions

Forget to mention don't mind my neck on the line

Give my moms the insurance money and card for valentines

I ain't died burn no coffin don't pour no cornie on me

Smoked in the zone stashed throw me taking what the owe me

I the soldier in the fatigues full of weed ready to bleed

Behind what I believe the tank and we indeed

Boy I hem thee the message with bent knees

And notes around they neck signed bitch Fiend sent these


What? I hit the block yellin shell shocked

From the streets to the motherfucking cell block

If you with me cock it back and let them shells pop

If we gone die then we gone die letting off shots

Woah there nigga

Don't f*ck around, don't f*ck around with this click

Cause haters eat dick and shit throught them tubes bitch

I used to murder murder back when I was seventeen

Got with that tank now it's all about that mean green

And I get you open like the Waffle House

This shit get real when I pull that rifle out

Kill kill mama drama told me bust

There ain't nuttin to discuss

So you won't gone get the f*ck

If you ain't riding with us

[Skull Dugery]

Now everybody wants to play the game

I bring the force like the Desert Storm bring the pain

Like the land brang

Motherfuckers must dismiss when I enter they shit

From house to house to block to block to the project bricks

Every hood them thuggish soldiers taking over I told ya

It's no limit bringing the pain

The other level of the game

Niggas disrespect they get deal with

You be in a pillow in that wooden box riding in that long black dick

You feelin this nigga you know on thing is real

Fucking with no limit niggas and top dog skills

Niggas gonna get ya

Fell and then they peel ya

Niggas ya gonna fell this solder shit you dig it?

[Chorus X2]


Nigga what? make some run I'm about to throw down

I ain't no motherfucking homey but you bout to get clowned

No limit soldiers get rowdy raise the roof like Luke

We be some true tanks doggs ask my niggas Fiend and Snoop

Capital N-O Capital L-I-M-I-T

Until I D-I-E and that's no L-I-E

So bitch get off me before I spit some shit

And break your ass off with a 45 and a extra clip

They call me see-murder cause I put on in your dome

I come to your set and leave you laying at home

I hang with killers and dealers, weed smokers and G's

No limit niggas don't fall off so f*ck my enemies

[Chorus X2]


If I come from around the corner I'm a knock up your head

shouldn't have been fucking with that nigga with the enuciation

fucking with the nigga with bad attitude and bad pronunciation

that's why I come off rude, loud and obnoixous, every other word gone



farting, spiting, grabbing my dick like I ain't got no fucking home


Even if it's 5 o'clock in the morning and the song ain't done I ain't


I'll take all day but when I finish the bitch have your head hurting

and your

ears bleeding

From having no money barely eating, not going no where rarely leaving

to steak and shrimp every evening, gone all day busy as a beaver

Imma soldier, told ya, now I'm a show ya

doing it over

I got the end of the M-16 explode

you don't want to, ain't gonna go to war

shot to kill, forward march

[Chorus to fade]

Who Wrote Bring It On By McKinley Phipps Jr.?

Aasim Bey Bambaataa, John Robie, Robert Allen, John Miller, Steve Gibson, Arthur Baker, Cecil Glenn, Gordon S Bahary, Ellis William

What's The Duration Of The Bring It On By McKinley Phipps Jr.?

The duration of Bring It On is 5:09 minutes and seconds.

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