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One Left Standing [DVD][Version]

One Left Standing [DVD][Version] Lyrics by Mechanics
One Left Standing [DVD][Version] Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For One Left Standing [DVD][Version] By Mechanics?

You've got to hold on tonight
Do you think that it's easy
Trying to take me for a ride?
Signs, time that you recognized them
Doesn't work anymore
It's gone and you can't make it right

Please just read my lips
Get the message now baby
I've been tangled enough
Don't get me caught up again
Time, I've lost count of the times
I've been had do you blame me
But enough of this madness
No more to say it's been said

And all this time I've been holding it together
If you walked a mile in my shoes
You'd know what I'd been going through
How many times can we go back?
Make the same mistakes
It's written all over your face

You and I were a river flowing
Now the tide has turned
And all of my tears have run dry
How come I am the one left standing?
Now I'm drowning inside
All of my tears have run dry

Back right where I started again
But it's hard to forget
Everything's so different then
I would have moved mountains
If you'd asked me to
That's a lifetime ago
You've got to face up to the truth

Forgetting all of our mistakes
I just keep on falling right back in again


Turned my back and I don't regret it
One more time would be hell if I let it
Take my word for it, don't forget it
Check my eyes cause my tears have run dry


Who Wrote One Left Standing [DVD][Version] By Mechanics?

Paul Melvyn Carrack, Michael Rutherford, Sharon Esther Woolf

What's The Duration Of The One Left Standing [DVD][Version] By Mechanics?

The duration of One Left Standing [DVD][Version] is 5:10 minutes and seconds.

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