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Flower Girl

Flower Girl Lyrics by Meja
Flower Girl Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Flower Girl By Meja?

My , Oh my. Days are passing by Little flowergirl today it's long ago A chapter of my past,just won't let me go Memories, starts to dance inside my head Pictures are flashing and suddenly I see The mirror reminds me of how it used to be Just like a flowergirl How you walk into the room Deep inside of me I feel the flowergirl Little flowergirl tell me why you could not stay So far away, Now I can see all those dreams that fade away Was it me who forgot or you who caused the change What does it mean, when you're coming back this way And you walk into the room It couldn't be to soon Little flower just like a flowergirl little flowergirl And here we are, standing face to face And don't you go, cause now you found me your all around me, I thought I'd let you know

Who Wrote Flower Girl By Meja?

Douglas Ian Carr

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