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Seventies Lyrics by Mod Martin
Seventies Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Seventies By Mod Martin?

I, I have no god and no religion
And I, I just believe in television
Yeah I, can't see the world without affliction, hey hey
So everybody's got to hear this shout and hold my hand
I dream about a life by your side
Climbing at the top when you're shy
My deepest attraction
And these tears won't last, when the world was made she says
Everybody's got to hear this go and hold my hand
Who's gonna save me, who's gonna save me
Who's gonna hear this calling make me feel this world in pink and blue
And make me feel, that everything is allright
That everything is allright

Who Wrote Seventies By Mod Martin?

Laurent Debuire, Fabien Mettay, Ludovic Piquemal

What's The Duration Of The Seventies By Mod Martin?

The duration of Seventies is 3:24 minutes and seconds.

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