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Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog Lyrics by Moe.
Downward Facing Dog Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Downward Facing Dog By Moe.?

When the skies come, to sweep up the floors
And the night comes, to open the doors
All blues are gone & the white lights are on
While leaves dance a tango on somebody's lawn
On the rising, a pencil line, sandalwood shore

And in the end, I'm going down swinging
Standing out in the pouring rain
All of our friends will be singing
The band plays "Long Black Veil" again

When the day is done, & the skies move alive in your head
And the weight has come, an ocean of oranges & red
The sun's setting somewhere, so maybe we'll go there
We'll be there tomorrow while chasing today
I find amazement, lost in something you said

You can't put it on, can't put it on
And then the night comes
It's time to go home

Who Wrote Downward Facing Dog By Moe.?

Al Schnier

What's The Duration Of The Downward Facing Dog By Moe.?

The duration of Downward Facing Dog is 7:54 minutes and seconds.

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