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Hi and Lo

Hi and Lo Lyrics by Moe.
Hi and Lo Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Hi and Lo By Moe.?

I was served a lucky twist of fate
I will relate
Big enough to choke an ox
It got me high it brought me down
Through a trap door I'd have never found otherwise

It's hi and lo all at once
Not one or the other
You know what I mean
There's no in between

Green and blue
Pink and puce
There's six million hues to choose from
There's no stop and no start
It's forever they sing together
More than the sum of their parts


In time of flood you'll find a dearth
Of anything you thought had worth
Ebb and flow wax and wane
I know it sucks but I still dig the earth

[Chorus: x3]

Freedom and purpose and lots of time
To think about everything and nothing
On the road to unlimited devotion
It's great crusading but I'm debating what I've been missing

Who Wrote Hi and Lo By Moe.?

Al Schnier, Chuck Garvey, Rob Derhak

What's The Duration Of The Hi and Lo By Moe.?

The duration of Hi and Lo is 4:29 minutes and seconds.

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