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I Chose Horses

I Chose Horses Lyrics by Mogwai
I Chose Horses Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For I Chose Horses By Mogwai?

It stretches on forever
I walk through this abyss of consciousness
Relying only on my heartbeat when I face you
The open blue reflecting eternal possibility
The words we exchange intertwine
A melancholy figure, hanging heavily
Surfaces in my mind
There must be a heart there

Soon noise will drown it out
Returning to the enveloped light
My voice raised, yearning to go back
White waves stop quietly
The song of the clouds breaking the surface
Words of promise to the insane sunlight
I gaze at the fragments of thought spread out at my feet
Tears of hope for those unfulfilled

To whom do the stars belong?
Sometime this sadness will end
My heart's response will continue the story
Silhouettes reflected in my eyes:
Countless faint smiles lined up before me
Gazing towards the exit
This beloved landscape
A vision brings

An instant of whiteness and the palm of my hand
All exists within one stride
Bells sound the arrival of the flood
The bridge of the sky and the clamor of twilight
I pass through this night; in silence
I extinguish my lamp, and in the moonlit street
Give an innocent smile for the happiness to come

Who Wrote I Chose Horses By Mogwai?

Dominic Aitchison, John Cummings, Martin Bulloch, Stuart Braithwaite

What's The Duration Of The I Chose Horses By Mogwai?

The duration of I Chose Horses is 5:13 minutes and seconds.

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