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Elements Lyrics by Moi?
Elements Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Elements By Moi??

Yeah, yeah, Sunz of Man, Disciples
Got the four Elements
About to take you through the four stages of nature
The combinations of danger
It's like that
Killah Priest

I'm deep into the page
Each stage is like a maze, it's like sperm reachin the egg
I focus on the brain cause it be the enterprise
It's like life within the center of the eyes
Descend off the soundwaves, that are bound for days
The atom is surrounded with rays
My frame be the mercury, it circles degrees
Developed the strength in Hercules
Wisdom changes my continent
When I quiz them I build up the confidence
You burnin me is like tryin to culture a pig
I teach knowledge and culture the kids
I inject the rhyme into the depths of the mind
The proper insight gives effects on the blind
See I don't entertain, I enter the brain
The Killah Priest always come and represent the name
A daily study stimulates the thought
Correct diet, I meditate with less talk
Makes me deep as the ocean floor
The ink soaks in and I'm prepared to explore
MC's fall like the city of Rome
I'm inspiring like Solomon and witty in the dome

Yeah, writing rhymes with a liquid pen
Next to appear, be the holy wizard

Knowledge I obtain is mystic, realistic
There's hittin gems in sins if you missed in
Thou have to contain the power to unravel
It's like walkin a-stray on the edge of the earth without a map to travel
Once false step, you enter the depths of darkness
the triple stains that engraved to the conscious
As I drag your mind off the edge of sanity
I leave you floatin, you have to figure your way back to gravity
Taken beyond the orbits of NASA, at rates much faster
Your chest tightens up like asthma
And you be gaspin for oxygen
Inhalin fatal gas, light-headed from the hydrogen
Driftin in the wind like a cloud that can't rain
You lack the element so it's relevant to strain
Your brain lacks water like the moon
Dependin on the earth since you first left the womb
Words engraved to paralyze you in the mental
Too much weight to analyse the potential
Amounts of pressure that'll tilt your scale
And as for 85's I describe it in braille
The blind language, the deaf and dumb I use sign language
Cause I was blessed to exorcise stress and anguish
Niggas be strainin with they sick sound-es
I'm splitin atoms and spillin holy water on their conscious
Travellin 186,000 miles per second
Then shine forth as far thoughts if you can catch em

Life is hell, hell tells lies in your face
Every other day we're killin off our own race
When you trapped inside hate
It's hard to escape inside a slave mindstate
Cause you go out like a blind date
Surrounded by danger when you're livin in the world full of anger
The pain I drop just to get you got is a brain strainer
Deadly talk, silent thoughts
I can't overstand when the man want to live long
And you think too short and distorted
Payin for your religion when you really can't afford it
I'd rather live like the god then instead of dyin for a devil
You couldn't climb this level with a ladder made of knowledge
I demolish, abolish, so don't try to follow
I look into your body in the dark and I could tell you that you're hollow
You're sleepwalkin, blind ass zombie
I hell raze from the grave of ignorance (yo)
Just to finish men lookin guilty of sin

Cryin' deep within the mental, my soul is intoxicated
Opressed with stress, aggrevation, pain and frustration
I can't take it no more as I journey through the halls of hell
Justice prevail, unrighteous will surely fail
Now may my enemies be defeated in the Chamber
of danger facin life full of strife, filled with anger
Forced to enter as an avenger of sin
I roar like the mighty lion as I contrive of Benjamin
Experimentin with all types of fuckin gases
I got the potion to turn your flesh to fuckin acid
Atoms Shatter, and lemons start to scatter
Illusion dwellin in path for mental confusion

Who Wrote Elements By Moi??

Daniel Tenaglia

What's The Duration Of The Elements By Moi??

The duration of Elements is 7:36 minutes and seconds.

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