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Baddest Mother's Son

Baddest Mother's Son Lyrics by Mojo Gurus
Baddest Mother's Son Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Baddest Mother's Son By Mojo Gurus?

Well, down in Mississippi in an old tar shack
I learned to toe the line or get the hickory 'cross my back
See, my daddy liked his whiskey and he had a bad mean streak
Sweet mamma was raised Christian, born to turn the other cheek
She did her very best to teach me right from wrong
Put me on the straight and narrow, but I didn't walk it long
And I took my daddy's whupin's and I grew up hard and lean
Into the baddest mother's son Jackson County's ever seen

At seventeen I stole an Eldorado Cadillac
I drove it straight to I never once looked back
I swore no man would ever lay a hand on me again
Bought me a .45 as a means to that end
Then I painted that town redder than a Jackson fire truck
Who'd of thought one Mississippi coon ass boy would have so such luck
And I made quite the impression on the ladies and the law
I was the baddest mother's son that they ever saw
And let me tell ya, there's some pretty bad boys down in Jackson, son

One ngiht while playin' five card and winnin' me a pile
Off a big ole boy from Texas when I guess I cramped his style
He accused me of cheatin' put a hair upside my head
I drew my .45 and shot that motherfucker dead
Then all Hell broke loose but I put up quite a fight
It took half the state militia to put me in jail that night
So, Mother, when they hang me put a stone above my head
Here lies the baddest mother's son Jackson County ever bred

Baddest mother's son
Jackson County born and bred


Who Wrote Baddest Mother's Son By Mojo Gurus?

Kevin T Steele

What's The Duration Of The Baddest Mother's Son By Mojo Gurus?

The duration of Baddest Mother's Son is 2:43 minutes and seconds.

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