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Downhearted Lyrics by Molly Burch
Downhearted Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Downhearted By Molly Burch?

You seem awfully quiet
I can see it in your eyes
You're wanting to be somewhere
Where you'll feel more alive

They say the heart grows fonder
With every step you take
But as you move away from me
I feel my body break

Where are you going?
Where have you been today?
Will you be back tomorrow?
Will you be back to me someday?

I could be your dream girl
Your whole world
If you let me

You've got me so downhearted
You've got me so downhearted

I remember recently
That I've lost a few of my things
My mind, my heart, my good intentions
And most everything

I know there is much more to me than thinking about you
I've got a lot, a lot to give, I know that this is true

I've got the moon, the sun, the stars, the night
The sky, the trees, the dark, the light
I've got my arms, my legs, my hands, my touch
My eyes, my lips, I guess I don't need too much

You've got me so downhearted
You've got me so downhearted

Who Wrote Downhearted By Molly Burch?

Molly Jenna Burch

What's The Duration Of The Downhearted By Molly Burch?

The duration of Downhearted is 4:24 minutes and seconds.

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