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Not Today Satan

Not Today Satan Lyrics by Molly Nilsson
Not Today Satan Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Not Today Satan By Molly Nilsson?

Here we are, not knowing what's awaiting
Trying to clear our hearts of fear
Sure it's easy to sit around hating
Instead of pulling your loved ones near
When in doubt, do the brave thing
And tell, all the devils no chance in hell

What are they doing all day in L.A.?
I long for the day when we arrive and get to stay
Keep away from shallow junk
Baby went to L.A. and all I got was drunk

Not today Satan, not today

It can't be bought the things they sell
Milton Friedman burn in hell
Don't be sad but do get mad
At all the small men who act so tall
In the end they always fall

Baby, what you doing tonight?
(Except just running around in my mind)
While we're screwing tonight
There ain't no sin in giving in to love
That's just how we're winning the fight

Not today Satan
Not today Satan
See you tomorrow Satan

Who Wrote Not Today Satan By Molly Nilsson?

Molly Lilly Maria Nilsson

What's The Duration Of The Not Today Satan By Molly Nilsson?

The duration of Not Today Satan is 4:23 minutes and seconds.

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