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Party Weirdo

Party Weirdo Lyrics by Moloko
Party Weirdo Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Party Weirdo By Moloko?

God am I the only sane one around here,
Doesn't anybody else find this queer,
Oh shit oh,
A wizard approaches,
A reward for the weirdo,
Party weirdo ...
Countless times you have fallen weird one,
I'm gonna ask the judge for a party crack down,
A weirdo wack down hangin out on streets
In cars in bars,
Outside my window in my pool in my bed in my head,
Party weirdo ...
I'm simply ask the judge ...
hello hello ...
Oh but somehow someway somewhere
You get back on your partied,
Out feet, hello hello, party weirdo ...
It's just so exotic you got no where left to go,
Party weirdo,
you will ask yourself who am I what am I where am I,
You will answer I am no-one probably nothing,
I know that I'm nowhere you poor crass animal ok
I'm new around town,
Can anybody tell me what
All these party weirdos are all about,
Someone says you must go there
And check out the party weirdos,
Now all I see is a lot of young people all mixed up,
It's just not fair countless times
You have fallen weird one partied out yet,
You might expect one's weirdness to subside,
But it does not subside
It sort of grows and grows and grows man,
You can just go find somewhere else to go
'cause you're just not welcome here any more.

Who Wrote Party Weirdo By Moloko?

Mark Errington Brydon, Roisin Murphy

What's The Duration Of The Party Weirdo By Moloko?

The duration of Party Weirdo is 7:01 minutes and seconds.

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