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RESET Lyrics by MoneyBagg Yo
RESET Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For RESET By MoneyBagg Yo?

Wheezy out of here
Yeah, I'm in here
Southside on the track, yeah
Yeah, yeah this that shit Wheezy
This how you put me back in my element, let's go

Lookin' 'round at all the fuckery, it reset a nigga (Went back)
Hit the button on that lil' .40, f*ck it, eject a nigga (Take you out)
Old hoes at my shows tryna reach at a nigga (Bagg)
Old rappers that didn't make it tryna preach at a nigga (Blah blah)
Look, I don't want her here, diamonds all white like veneers (Cheese)
Yo' shit lookin' smeared, light blue Off-White drippin' tears (Collar)
Brand new foreign I steer, 'member hopping out that bird (Skrrt)
Since I came up, people looking at me weird
I'm just growing and expanding, we ain't conversing or somethin'
Never mixin' up the business with a personal thing (Never)
Celebrating all my wins, check the stats in the game
Foot on they neck until I croak, know they hate when I came (Ahh)
Ay, the streets took me in and showed me parent love (Love)
I got hot and caught a buzz, now it's current love (Fake)
Corporate thuggin', sippin' lean out a coffee mug (At meetings)
Made me snap and play the victim, shouldn't of brought it up
(F*ck it, reset)
Let me take you back, rewind, press play
Me and cuz had them junts on the expressway
Now my shows packed in like a ese
Rainbow colors in the charm, Treyway (Red, blue, green, yellow)
Jail system bumpin' me on the JPay (Free the guys, forever federal)
When I open my eyes, it's payday (Hey)
I call the Draco a pre-K (Half K)
9th grade, we the freshman
I get the dope from Enrique (Migo)
Then peel off like dead skin
You must be tryna get shot again (Huh?)
I'm just sayin', where you going with it? (Oh)
Another nigga hatin', not again
Ambition, I was born with it
Why did I buy this chain? (Walker Holmes)
Can't even read what it say (It hard)
Got the invisible set now (Upgrade)
I had to reset my face (Yeah)
Soon as I f*ck up her lace
I'ma go get this shit done, over (Ugh)
Hold up, reset, before we do that
Sign this non-disclosure (Initials)

That was like 28 bars strong
(I just reset, yeah, I just fucking reset)
I did that, been did that shit though
When I say that shit, I mean goin' back, rewind
Go back all the way back, back, back, back
When you first met me
(Bagg, big one, ugh, ugh, ugh, ayy)

Who Wrote RESET By MoneyBagg Yo?

Demario Dewayne White, Wesley Tyler Glass

What's The Duration Of The RESET By MoneyBagg Yo?

The duration of RESET is 2:06 minutes and seconds.

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