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Greasy Lyrics by Monie Love
Greasy Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Greasy By Monie Love?

Honey looking butter, word? How's he living? Greasy

[Verse 1]
I remember Rick way back in prehistoric
Wearing holey pants and always reading Marvel comics
Never used deodorant, clothes were always soiled
Instead of body lotion, Rick used the Crisco oil
Never had a hair cut, breath was always stenching
Used to try to catch me sitting on the school bench and
Speaking to me, stinking to me, killing all the flowers
Wish I had a Certs in my pocket, he could devour
Now he's out the projects, no longer a resident
Heard his father died and left him crazy dead presidents
Seen the brother yesterday, pulled up in a Beamer
Looked me up and down and said "are you still a primadonna?"
I said no, I'll get with you if you want me
You're looking kinda buttermilk biscuit, on the money
No need for him to sweat, 'cause you got my respect
He's living kinda greasy, yep he got himself correct

[Verse 2]
Jimmy was a stick, Toothpick is what they called him
Never combed his hair, which is why his mother balled him
Used to stick up kids going home from other schools
Till somebody beat him down, flipped his butt and changed the rules
He was back around the way being someone else's Joey
Because he was bald they named him Obi Wan Kenobi
He said yo Imo be a rap star one day
They said shut your yellow teeth get me a forty okay
Well slap me upside my head, there go Jimmy
And there go all them brothers sayin' gimme gimme gimme
I see him on the box almost every other day
Ricochet from the down and out, butter up today
He made it to the top, to this there was no misdemeanor
And on Jimmy's side, you know the grass was always greener
So hop, skip and jump for the twinkle, not a deadbeat
Because he knew exactly how to rock the greasy beats

[Verse 3]
Knew a kid cursed with the kiss of being bummy
Never got any play, didn't find it very funny
He looked so scary and his head going bald
Liked to give us all his number, but nobody ever called
His name was Vom Boogie 'cause he's always throwing up
Loved to drink himself sick, never thought he'd ever stop
Used to like to wear socks all the way up to his knees
And he kept tryna talk to my girl Bonita B.
I saw Bonita B. just a few moments ago
Riding round inside a Lexus, acting like she didn't know
Who I was standing there, that's alright 'cause she's a sucker
If he wasn't living greasy she wouldn't be with the brother
Count yourself lucky that you caught when you did
I might still talk to him regardless who he's with
'Cause he looking kinda butter, and I think he could please med
Because he's living way beyond fat, he's living greasy

Who Wrote Greasy By Monie Love?

Marlon Lu'ree Williams, Monie Love, Marlon Williams

What's The Duration Of The Greasy By Monie Love?

The duration of Greasy is 4:08 minutes and seconds.

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