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Feelin' Freaky

Feelin' Freaky Lyrics by Nick Cannon
Feelin' Freaky Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Feelin' Freaky By Nick Cannon?

Yo put the kids to bed
Yo Shawty, I know you ain't scared

B2k and Nick Cannon
Track masters, the Pied Piper

[Verse One: Nick]
Yo' the freaks come out at night
I'm like Houdini with the magic stick
When you turn out the lights
Shawty grippin' my stomach tighter
When I burn out on the bike
Holla at the young thugs
What we doing tonight
I'm in the O.J. throwback jersey
Dressed to kill,Bridget won't get it
But Vanessa will,Vanessa's real
Shawty got sex appeal
You can hear this beat banging from the exit still
Pied Piper, we need something for these chicks to dance
So look Mami I'm trying to grind
I'm not trying to romance you
I'm just trying to get them pants loose
Lets get private, 2 way text me
T-Mobile sidekick
One-on-One lets talk and neglect the gossip
I'm as real as they come,Baby girl I got this
My wrist all numb, you can watch the watch gliss
We already bubbly we ain't gotta pop Cris'

[Chorus: Omarion]
I come through
My style is powder blue
T's and Nike shoes
Plus chicks by the deuce (uh huh)
Ain't no telling what this man might do
Cause tonight this man ain't playing by the rules
So tell me,
Anybody feelin' freaky? [Repeat: x3]

[Verse 2: Nick]
We tearin' the club like them boys did in the roxy
Million dollar thug like I'm Ted D.B.I.C
Crack game on the plain
Probably think its Yahtzee
Wrist on rocky, How you gone stop me
Shawty like, "Papi", Crib like "Ozzy's"
I'ma show you how to ball girl just watch me
I'ma never quit like Whitney and Bobby
Tell them chicks,either want to get wit me or rob me
Either way I let them strip me, 'cause this is my hobby
After tonight, Shawty will you miss me? Probably
But now I want to see you shake your little body
Lookin' for a shawty that's freaky & naughty
Cause after the party you don't have to call me
Cause Cannon is the prodigy and I mobs deep
If you rolling wit a playa, Mami c'mon
Cause I'ma keep it goin' 'til 6 o'clock in the morning


[Verse Three: Nick]
We make hits like the mafia (mafia)
After the club hit the lobby, oh (lobby, ooh)
Girls always say "Nick you so cute,
How you flipping rapping and acting too?"
Well I do, what I can do, what I can do, when I can do it
It ain't algebra baby, its pimping in my fluid
Why them cats saying that Cannon should stick to acting
Kill you in two bars, Daddy its quick to happen
won't know what caused it, But Nick will get you dancing
You dudes in the closet, you know you think I'm handsome
Yeah, the kid's real attractive
Even pull hella chicks in a thriller jacket
Now, Thriller's back, And I'ma make you clap
Oh that spot y'all had? Yeah I'm taking that
And them chicks y'all dreaming about
We cleaning them out,One on the block
Two in the car, three in the house
Now that's a real six pack, daddy even it out

Hey, yo B2k


Anybody feelin' freaky?
Anybody feelin' freaky?

B2k and Nick Cannon,
Trackmasters, the Pied Piper

[Lil' Fizz]
Excuse me what's ya name?

B2k and Nick Cannon,
Trackmasters, the Pied Piper

[Lil' Fizz]
Excuse me what's ya name?

Don't say nothing

Who Wrote Feelin' Freaky By Nick Cannon?

Samuel Barnes, Jean Olivier, Nick Cannon, Robert Kelly

What's The Duration Of The Feelin' Freaky By Nick Cannon?

The duration of Feelin' Freaky is 3:35 minutes and seconds.

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