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Underground [Accapella]

Underground [Accapella] Lyrics by Nick Curly
Underground [Accapella] Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Underground [Accapella] By Nick Curly?

To be listened on the beach while watching sunset

I can feel you on my skin

Don't know where you start and where I begin

I can feel there is tension inside this room what are we gonna do
In my universe no need to rehearse this thing
'Cause we got a natural kind of chemistry you and me yeah baby

I know what I want
Don't play with my keys
Unless you wanna sing me a rhapsody like a piano in the dark

The more things, that surround like groupies
When you do this to me, my hand just wont keep still

Who Wrote Underground [Accapella] By Nick Curly?

Pinto David Rossi, Carlos Calado, Miguel Figueirredo

What's The Duration Of The Underground [Accapella] By Nick Curly?

The duration of Underground [Accapella] is 2:22 minutes and seconds.

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