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Underground Lyrics by Nick Curly
Underground Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Underground By Nick Curly?

To be listened on the beach while watching sunset

I can feel you on my skin

Don't know where you start and where I begin

I can feel there is tension inside this room what are we gonna do
In my universe no need to rehearse this thing
'Cause we got a natural kind of chemistry you and me yeah baby

I know what I want
Don't play with my keys
Unless you wanna sing me a rhapsody like a piano in the dark

The more things, that surround like groupies
When you do this to me, my hand just wont keep still

Who Wrote Underground By Nick Curly?

Pinto David Rossi, Carlos Calado, Miguel Figueirredo

What's The Duration Of The Underground By Nick Curly?

The duration of Underground is 7:29 minutes and seconds.

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