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Stay Down

Stay Down Lyrics by Nick Diamonds
Stay Down Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Stay Down By Nick Diamonds?

You know I get down, I'm a downer,
Heart pounder, LOLin', smelling like Sarin
Felony forecast: el is, dressed to the nines like a target,
Dressed like a bullseye for a blind archer
Heart of piranha, swimming where the blood chums water
Lark in the darkness watching, I got it this, boombox burner boy hot shit
Burn like an LA sunset, colorful, toxic, snuff stuff, deadly and erotic
Walk like a man not a product, run like a strumpet, talk to the hand sock puppet
Look at them sky write: "f*ck it, we heart nothin',
We don't have a tear for your bucket", life's but a pageant,
That ain't on no deep shit, try to pull the curtain back crack goes police whip
Here come the stage mums, dress your little whores to display them,
Cutting through my brain like a ray gun
Telling you these fuckers are shameless,
Obama to Reagan, look at how they bent to their training
Why would I be angered, not when I can chemically hang glide,
Angle, face dive mangled, anguish
Notice I maraud odd language, roll a joint
Hit a fraud god 'till he vanquish, bonus point

I'm thrown
With all this chrome and
You sound like you're drowning
Drown drown drown drown
Get down, stay down

You know I get bent I'm a Bender,
Futura-Ra-ma-Dom-inant gene gone bad and
Passed along to my blood stream pumping madness,
Pour a little hell down hatch it's
Standard practice how to detach from a white noise planet
With a dispatch straight from command to throw haymaker plus land it,
Never take a win for granted
Remember the pitch that I sang with, to anoint masses, before,
Mass graves hatch like magic, everybody bows to the bastards,
anthem acid dispatchers get rancid,
Fact of the matter I graph and track hapless,
Live in a mirage its hard to not crack kid
Whats that? pass it
Wanna watch? I'ma smoke till I'm bat shit
Choke like a champion

I'm blown
Like I've been thrown now
I sound like I'm drowning
Drown drown drown drown
Get down, stay down

I'm blown
Like I've been thrown now
Down down down down
Get down, stay down

Who Wrote Stay Down By Nick Diamonds?

Jamie Meline, Nick Thornburn, Torbitt Schwartz

What's The Duration Of The Stay Down By Nick Diamonds?

The duration of Stay Down is 3:10 minutes and seconds.

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