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CRUMPY Lyrics by Nick Hakim

What Are The Lyrics For CRUMPY By Nick Hakim?

This town
Has really started to grow on me
My face
Has become one with the concrete
My limbs
Have rashes from the road
My voice
Sounds like

The screaming train
That you've been riding
Oh dear
Is this where you've been hiding?
Come on now let's go back home

This town
By the sea will one day drown me
Six drinks in
And I start to sink
But you're voice
Is the sound that saves me
God damn
I wish my baby was here
Cause I have violence
Lingering inside but you help me fight it
Come on now let's go back home

Who Wrote CRUMPY By Nick Hakim?

Nicolas Hakim, Spencer Murphy, Vishal Nayak

What's The Duration Of The CRUMPY By Nick Hakim?

The duration of CRUMPY is 3:07 minutes and seconds.

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