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Brainwash Lyrics by Nicole C. Mullen
Brainwash Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Brainwash By Nicole C. Mullen?

CHORUS:I need a brainwash from my head to my soul ~ I need a brainwash, bring it down to my toes ~ I need a brainwash in and our 'cause you know ~ I need a be are A I N double wash*
Overwhelmed by the stuff on TV ~ Overloaded from the pressure fallin' on me ~ light head! Oxygen! I've gotta breath *
Email, Myspace, backin' up all the time ~ Voicemail, press one if you're on the line ~ Transformer, can you renew my mind?
Smack dab in the front of my mind ~ All that I've done wrong ~ Re-play and rewind ~ How can I erase it forever this time *
Smack dab in the pit of my soul ~ This guilty feeling's diggin' a hole ~ And my thoughts are spinnin' out of control
The world is straight typical to rock the traditional ~ Kinda keep it real life livin' mind simple though ~ My past is in remission ~ Thrivin' on my conditions ~ I need a turn around ~ A fresh way to get down ~ Comin' straight from Jersey roamin' in the land of the dirty south, free ~ Escapin' misery ~ With a Christ mentality ~ The only way to have it ~ Living word habits ~ Feels nice dippin' me twice ~ Yo, ah I need a
Be not conformed to this world ~ But be transformed by the renewing of your mind

Who Wrote Brainwash By Nicole C. Mullen?

Nicole Mullen, Renee Jackson

What's The Duration Of The Brainwash By Nicole C. Mullen?

The duration of Brainwash is 3:16 minutes and seconds.

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