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Honey Lyrics by Nicole Wray
Honey Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Honey By Nicole Wray?

But I can't wait
Jackal and some weeds, honey
Uh, when you come around
Oh, you make me feel so good
So good life, honey
Honey, honey, honey

Let me know if I could steal your heart away from you
Let me be and tell the girl you're on a dream
Honey, dream
Even the lights gonna light but the atmosphere's right
Can I get a little friction kind of sticky note, quickly wanna fool around
Fool around, fool around


She had a long day, I said I'm on the way
She told me come through and don't forget the foreplay
Of course I'm tryna beat it like a court case
But I'm not a player, now that's just my record forte
She got me tempted to taste it like it's gourmet
Honey drippin slow like that Ohio playa's album cover
Or like some sorbet in the middle of summer heat
No shelter went underneath of that fountain from her
She love me and like her back
I swear we make a perfect match
Got my hand on the bible flat
Iron mat, winkle out
Stretch to the kings
Is out of mustard mix, she started to be the only one I think about
Dream about nightly too, I met her team in '92
Let's sip a little '90 proof
Liquor til we nice and loose
Candle light in here


Who Wrote Honey By Nicole Wray?

Jamal Bufford, Nicole Wray, Peter James Wadams

What's The Duration Of The Honey By Nicole Wray?

The duration of Honey is 2:38 minutes and seconds.

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