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The Professional

The Professional Lyrics by P-Money
The Professional Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For The Professional By P-Money?

Marciano in the house
P-Money in the house
And Stalley in the house
T & Pee Wee in the house
Big man made a house
Yea, dick in yo mouth
Hear this man?
Let's get it started, my nigga
Straight up
Making this hostile takeover
Yo, P-Money
Yo watch me, check this out yo

Since a pupil I was branded with the stamp of approval
Blow the hammer like a bugle; bitch, it's all strudel
With the four door Six is green doodle, have scruples
Live youthful, hopping out the coupe, crucial
Crispy like Popeye's chicken, grease dripping
Your breed is flee-bitten, your queen is smitting
No schemes or smittings, slim pickings, but not for pimping
My guns got extensions on 'em, there's something falling
In the hotel snorring, she's from Florence
The feelings euphoric, I caught it, and laid a guy slaughtered
I'm looking towards the Forbes list, live lawless
Diplomatic plates on the corners
The deeds was tipped off by the informants
Light a big splif from the balcony, this is alchemy
I'm high, I'm out there where the falcon be
Posers like henny red, I spread the sweaters with the Indian head
Forever get branded, switch bags, different hoes, thick legs
Post it, missed the end, you gotta give me some credit
20 000 dollars bag, the med come for a hollow head's fed
Crack the wine, the feds tapped a line around lunch time
Arrive ducking one time, flying
With something young and hard, too tight, snide
Slide into king size, fingers like visa pops
The Louis key on the sneaker box, this hustle is shit
Feat shufflers heat, rain thunderous
Them niggas don't fit the criteria, let the interior peace
Keep it under us, tally up the revenue
Golly color cocaine residue, Rolex cake, stay respectable
Collect a check or two, we credible celestial
Impress who? Execute, I'm a professional

Mad f*ck, yea
Marciano, motherfucker
Yea! Uh!

Who Wrote The Professional By P-Money?

Peter James Wadams, Rahkeim Meyers

What's The Duration Of The The Professional By P-Money?

The duration of The Professional is 2:41 minutes and seconds.

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