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Baller's Lady

Baller's Lady Lyrics by Passion
Baller's Lady Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Baller's Lady By Passion?

*Y'know in bein player, the new generation they don't understand what it's
Like to be a player.
I mean everybody they like to be with money. So much
Money flowin around nowadays.
People use money to get what they want.*

[Verse 1: Passion]
Mo' wheeled, the Bonnie & Clyde
Mobbin and pumpin til the day we die
But all you haters I'm in love wit a gangsta
And I will not stop, I bet you never would've thought
I be big-time ballin, cuttin through the halls and
Strippin with the Gs, slippin niggas, please
Your baby girl's straight down with a hustler
Never gave the time of day to a buster
I'm all about pimpin and I love to mack
Can't stand a silly nigga, nah to hell with that
So I need the kind of nigga that don't see no wrong
The pimpin don't stop it goes on and on and...

[Chorus: Passion]
Straight up it's like that I'm a baller's lady
Don't trip if you don't understand

[Verse 2: Passion]
My nigga yeah I love him, place no one else above him
Only two in my crew, me and my true thugs and you
Straight up on the rise
You fools better recognize (spit it)
Some don't understand how it be when you roll with an OG
So I gotta sneak to creep
But my nigga never sweat em but a beeyatch
Pimpin ain't easy but it goes down like this

[Chorus x2]
[Verse 3: E-40, Passion]
Huh, to all the broads dat be holding me, damn she loves me
Long as I keep poking up properly
So can you live up to your name girl?
I see you talk a good game girl!
If I was da seven can I get eight? (Can I get eight?)
Just buy you for goodness sake
I want to splash in hashin, *?des-o-lust?*
Free Willy all up in them guts
Male chauvanist? No not me (no not me)
I put you on the track with a half a ki
Just bring me back my property and keep the rest of the money
And girl go on and treat yourself, go buyin all o' my *?Kamale*?
As soon as we get home you can 'ject my bone
All night long, right from wrong
Long Range Pimpin, L-are-P's
Got em over here, got em overseas

I say relate to nothing else, I need a player like myself
Because the nigga comes correct, gets off his back
A true G doin what he's gotta do
He couldn't help that shit if he wanted to
It gets mo' and mo' better in the Sac
Doin it like it should be, hittin it from the back
Look at me couple more times and one of dem nigga's just a mack
Wantin the 6-9 for a minute while he's down in my lap
It's all about pimpin and he loves to mack
I'm down for my nigga 'cause he's straight like that
'cause he's the kind of player that don't see no wrong
The pimpin don't stop it goes on and on

[Chorus x3]
Don't trip if you don't understand

Who Wrote Baller's Lady By Passion?

Earl T. Stevens, Marvin Whitemon, Passion L. Broussard, Valorie Webb

What's The Duration Of The Baller's Lady By Passion?

The duration of Baller's Lady is 3:42 minutes and seconds.

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