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Hold Up

Hold Up Lyrics by Pastor Troy
Hold Up Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Hold Up By Pastor Troy?

Hold up

Hold up
Self-employed so I'm paying me
Stayin' true 'cause it stay to be
Won't loud part candy captain then get a ticket then pay the V
Rap 84 of the 83, ain't rhyme them and they end with me,
How you pay to get in the club, and then hate on the pressure y'all pay to see
Now we got mob block live again
Look at these whips we're riding in
Making ball and look easy baby, we don't practice like...
Sliding in I'm never super post when
I'm getting closer I'm just... the face
All the sinners star calling God,
All the rappers start calling Mace,
Drop sounding like an earthquake,
Trunk bound to make an earth shake
Every day is a movie for me, you like the destination on the first day
Telling me it's a birthday, new shoes and her persuade,
You should go appreciate the quire, I ain't the one you persuade,
She ain't worried of the hotel, I wouldn't even get to motel,
Mess around and take your girl from you then sell it to for the...
Oh... have her back, wont' love but I love the stacks
So I'm pulling up and then you know what
They looking at me like what is that

Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up
Hold up, hold up, hold up,
That's what they've been calling me,
Soon they see me roll up, roll up
Don't know what to call that
So they call, they call, they call it
Hold up, hold up, hold up,
That's what they call it.
Hold up, hold up, hold up,
That's what they call it.
Soon they see roll up, uh, roll up,
Don't know what to call that
So they call, they call, they call it
Hold up

Told Brad to send me a track,
He send me a track to sound like a trap,
I don't know normally do this,
But hey when I do it sound like the trap,
Competition left me in flat, I'm just hoping that you trap,
I'm just hoping you try to try me,
Get drag around by your suit tie,
You can catch me in the forn city,
They don't even know I rap,
First album when platinum so they ain't many places on my map,
Going golf in Iraq, going shopping in Dubai
She'll be asking the man forgives and gives me the gift form Dubai
Bottle water with a mouse trap, no rat can get to my cheese
Her... get no scraps get no bad like her ratches
Wanna book me for five G's,
Read the sign and say stop please,
Can't knock me, my trunk knocking,
My making woman looking knock me,
Call me but I'm unreachable, too trill to be speaker too
God loss in my own garage and they couldn't find me for a week or two,
My trunk are open like pickable,
Me I'm... to be sipping through,
Came to blue, all my speakers blue, but I turn em up and my speakers do.


Hold up man, just hold up man,
Rap to state then pour down,
Chew up cheese then throw up grants,
Then guess some bread you know I'm jam,
It's lunch time, she got one friend, but just one fine,
One four, one dime, you already know which one is mine,
Tripping like Jessy Jay, see love and got me in the... day
If it comes between hoes and dough I drop off chick and then scoop you pay,
Might as well, I might as well, passing up dough is a major feel,
Take the trip to South Africa, but can't lead the the paper like... pill,
Realest rapper you have ever meet, she want n autograph on her fake breast,
Too young is just too dumb, girl slow it down and take a break twist,
Check it out when my lack is out,
Don't worry bout it, I ain't stressed,
Hot chocolate on my hallo tips they might mess around and get a taste test.


Who Wrote Hold Up By Pastor Troy?

Glenn Cortell Johnson, Jerry Peters, Kejuan Waliek Muchita, Sean Puffy Combs, Troy Donald Jamerson

What's The Duration Of The Hold Up By Pastor Troy?

The duration of Hold Up is 3:02 minutes and seconds.

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