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Saddam Lyrics by Pastor Troy
Saddam Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Saddam By Pastor Troy?

Yeah. Spent a long time watching the game
Come to find out them bustas is lame

And even though they wanna stop my reign
I don?t think that they can contain

and though they wanna take my life from me
I don?t think them muthafuckas can see

I Live by the gun die by the same thang
Time bomb tickin won't bust until ya push it

And I'm buckin on em
I'm wylin on em
I'm crankin on em
I'm growlin on em
I'm stuntin on em
I'm flashin on em
I'm flexin on em
I'm cashin on em
I'm leanin on em
I'm dreamin on em
I'm checkin on em
I'm tekkin on em
I'm cleanin on em
I'm gleamin on em
I'm snappin on em
I'm trappin on em
I'm sixin on em
I'm pissin on em
I'm dining on em
I'm shining on em
I'm candy on em
I'm fancy on em

[Verse 1]
I ain't bout ta reintroduce myself
Bust that K set it off to the left
Hit em in the lungs got a nigga first breath
Let that mothafucka hang ima sentence him to death
Neva been the one just to bite my tongue
Love this gangsta shit where I'm from
Two two trey got a nigga on the run
Lemme tell ya somthin son ain't no runnin from the gun
A2 you get bruised you get popped
Won't be the first mothafucka I shot
16 nigga?head count?ll go pop
With tha infared beams sittin mean on the top
Gimmie my props gimmie my rank
I been in the army I'm ready to tank
Take heed to these words that I bomb
You don?t wanna f*ck with me Saddam


[Verse 2]
Slide off in my six nigga
I don?t want yo bitch nigga
Hoes been wantin? me for too long
Love this gangsta shit that I'm on
Ridin on chrome heavy foot
What else can she do but look
Coogied up from head to toe
Keep me a coupla stacks at the floor
Back to the floor ain?t I nice
Play with the cash and you playin with ya life
And anyone that you choose ya still lose
And then ima tax on them mothafuckin dues
I do it for the blues I do it for the bloods
F*ck the feds and f*ck the judge
I'm about to drop a bomb nigga
Watch out for saddam nigga


Who Wrote Saddam By Pastor Troy?

Demetrius Stewart, Writers Unknown

What's The Duration Of The Saddam By Pastor Troy?

The duration of Saddam is 3:13 minutes and seconds.

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