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Here We Go

Here We Go Lyrics by Pat Green
Here We Go Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Here We Go By Pat Green?

Well up and at 'em, here we go
I'm off again to the rodeo
Sure got a lot of the little things on my mind
Well, one's a song I just started writin'
And the other's a girl I just finished fightin'
She said it was me, but, oh God, I just don't believe her

If you want to know where I'm a coming from
Just sit right there, and I'll tell you, son
This life I lead ain't as wonderful as it appears

Yeah, but here I go again
Singin' it in this dive
Lonestar beer in my cereal
And it's keepin' me alive
I gave up on Nashville a long time ago
Yeah, but here I go, Lord, once again, here I go

Now, I don't need to be too rich
I'm just an old, hard-headed, son of a bitch
My eyes are still set way back on my glory days
Back in the time of the Dukes of Hazzard
I was listenin' to Willie and old Merle Haggard
Smilin' just a little, as I poked along in my truck

There's a lot of poor folks in my situation
With the years of heartache and frustration
Kinda watching as the dreams turn into years


Let me tell you, folks, it don't really matter
That beer you're drinkin' never really makes you any fatter
It's all those nights on the couch with a TV dinner
After twelve years with the Copenhagen
Well, I finally found out that I was mistaken
It's not gonna be something to add the years to my life

Yeah, and that's why I'm still dippin' it today
And each and every morning I hear Mama say:
That shit is gonna kill you if the women don't get you first


Who Wrote Here We Go By Pat Green?

Pat Green

What's The Duration Of The Here We Go By Pat Green?

The duration of Here We Go is 2:59 minutes and seconds.

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