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Shine Lyrics by Pat Monahan
Shine Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Shine By Pat Monahan?

You watch them watch you
You want them too
Then their faces fade away

You worked your whole life
To show them all that you have what it takes to shine

Cause no one has what you have
And no one ever will
You have heart
And that's all you need

You're gonna shine for them
Shine for them
No matter what it takes you'll shine

Well life got complicated
And no one ever waited
And you son grew into a man
And all you wanted was to be loved
But it ended up fitting you like some glove
Was strangling all your changes to shine

But you'd show them all
That you'd make them fall
Cause they didn't understand a thing about
The way you'd shine
Oh you shine

Your gonna shine for them
Shine for them
No matter what it took you shine

Now you're on the best stage
And in your best dress
But the show is not for you
It's a clown with a frown
In from out of town
And your hairdo's falling
And they're filling out and
My God the clown is you

But you dance for someone that smiles at you
And drift into the shadows of yourself
Off you go

But you shine for him
Shine for him
And now its time for them to shine for you

Shine for them
Shine for them

Who Wrote Shine By Pat Monahan?

Pat Monahan, Patrick Raymond Leonard

What's The Duration Of The Shine By Pat Monahan?

The duration of Shine is 4:10 minutes and seconds.

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