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Giant Cat Woman

Giant Cat Woman Lyrics by Pati Yang
Giant Cat Woman Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Giant Cat Woman By Pati Yang?

Did you see your angel?
Did you see
The one
Pouring dust over you shoulder
When you cried,
The city cried
The lights went off
The day before
All papers called,
That your tears went missing
And therefore
From now on the city was freed from the miracle
Did you asked questions?
About how many more days forward
How many evil intentions
All the unusual people
On ordinary missions
Everyone seems to know but us
I trust my eyes
And this is not happening
I make a list everyday, but it fades
Must be the see through int in my veins
Say it now change your mind call my day a sunny night
Live a dream forever after
I'll take care of your disaster
Make it back on the track sugar sweet no defeat
For no reason there's no water
Only bites, virtually rotten
Did you dance your town away
All the way down to the river?
Did you marry the moonlight?
Have you ever forgiven?
Did you burry your past
Fought till the last drop blessed your face?
Since then
The days
Went all uneven
Everyone seems to know but us,
Is that how it goes?
I trust my eyes, and this is not happening,
You tell me: aren't my senses failing?
Is it the skin that I am in that breaks my heart in two
And makes my fingers grin on you
When we dance

My toes scream to yours
And the noise brings down our home
In ruin
We're fooling with dogs
That speak human
And as if that wasn't enough
I think I am turning into A giant cat woman
How many more days forward
How many daylight robberies
Did you pick up the money and run, honey?
Be honest

Who Wrote Giant Cat Woman By Pati Yang?

Pati Yang, Stephen Dean Hilton

What's The Duration Of The Giant Cat Woman By Pati Yang?

The duration of Giant Cat Woman is 4:00 minutes and seconds.

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