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Here Again

Here Again Lyrics by Patrice
Here Again Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Here Again By Patrice?

I'm here again, I'm here again
Singin' for a brighter day
Understand, understand
How it ever went away
Dreams and things, yeah
Chains and rings, yeah
Silver and gold
From our souls, yeah
The world's gotta know
The world's gotta know?

True born warrior here again
I feel so sorry for di heathen dem
Let me free your souls with sounds like those
We met before so now we meet again

Everyday you gotta change your ways
Love has its way, so don?t loose your way
Make sure there?s something left now for those on the way
For a brighter day


When everything she says just rhymes
You love her curves she loves your lines
I mean when you say what you say the way you say what you say
It happens all the time
This is straight up paradise
I mean that love between girls and boys
The love between me and my friends and family it won?t end
So real I can?t pretend

Brighter day?

Who Wrote Here Again By Patrice?

Patrice Bart-williams, Olufemi O Sanyaolu

What's The Duration Of The Here Again By Patrice?

The duration of Here Again is 4:48 minutes and seconds.

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