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Crustfund (feat. Kool Keith)

Crustfund (feat. Kool Keith) Lyrics by Planet B
Crustfund (feat. Kool Keith) Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Crustfund (feat. Kool Keith) By Planet B?


One dumb man plays one dumb riff, said he shot the ol' sheriff.
Call it art, and make as if guns are god, you'll get the wiff.
We now hear the crowd applaud.
Give more meaning, garbage fraud.
Get and take still equals flawed.
Old white meat sure still tastes odd.
Smart(er) man stabs the deputy.
Holiday dream-off-duty.
Heaven's full and real moody?
Naw, it's a dump and sits empty.
Sad man keeps on talking fart.
Call it art and give head start.
Cry some more, that broken heart.
You lost me at the stolen part.
Dumb man sucking sorrow, takes a dump as a manifesto.
Garbage we can buy or borrow.

Feeling culture physically bad.
Discrimination of false leadership.
Confused thoughts, who the people with?
Repeated lies in this political manuscript dictated by a hypocrite.
Mislead while the clock tick for the conspiracy thats sick
Legalize substances.
Should be clear at the radical conference.
Political monsters sitting with suits eatin' lobsters.
Mitt Romneys planted in the bodies
Who wanted to distort society with nothing inspiring.
The primary cash won't last causin' disaster.
Get rid of the problem faster.
Burn their books, destroy every chapter.
Garbage thrown out, that's what we trashin'.
We can't starve the people like Brian Cashman.
Evil thoughts get wrestled in the canvas.

Who Wrote Crustfund (feat. Kool Keith) By Planet B?

Planet B

What's The Duration Of The Crustfund (feat. Kool Keith) By Planet B?

The duration of Crustfund (feat. Kool Keith) is 4:16 minutes and seconds.

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