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The Beginning is Near

The Beginning is Near Lyrics by Planet B
The Beginning is Near Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For The Beginning is Near By Planet B?

My mom once gave me a $3 bill, told me, yes son, you too can steal.
My dad died from the heroine epidemic, dick ego is traditionalism systemic.
My folks knew I was born upside down, an improper noun, f*ck you nervous breakdown.
My god really screwed things up, done deal, his 2nd chance, listen to the pigs squeal.
The Beginning is near, now watch man disappear.
I stand on the crowded shelf of unstable land, digested wounded viper's complementary backhand.
I stood rat-fucked upon the ruins of life, men watched war-porn and jerked off on the afterlife.
I caught whiff after whiff of negative freedom, shoplifted class war's disposable outcome.
I stole a modern song about love and hate, and those sheets of music helped me misunderstand.
Future you can counterfeit a half-dollar bill, buy a house on a garbage hill.
Future you can die from a dump politic, the one where you swim in shit, get seasick.
Future jokes will be law and a letdown, blah blah blah blah minds meltdown.
Future god's shit repent, demand repeal, eating the dog's food for their life's last meal.

Who Wrote The Beginning is Near By Planet B?

Planet B

What's The Duration Of The The Beginning is Near By Planet B?

The duration of The Beginning is Near is 2:46 minutes and seconds.

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