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Send Me

Send Me Lyrics by Planetshakers
Send Me Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Send Me By Planetshakers?

Send me I will go
Send me I will
To this city, to this nation
And to the nations of the world

Send me I will go
Send me I will go
I will proclaim the truth
That Jesus Christ is Lord

I stand before you pleading from my heart
That by your Spirit you would set me apart
To bring good news and liberty
To see this nation on its knees

I cry out for every family
You'd open blind eyes and set people free
That as a nation we would turn back to you
And see revival sweep this land

As we humble ourselves
And seek Your face
Fall on our knees
Turn from our ways

You will hear our cry
Wipe our sins away
Come and heal our land we pray

Who Wrote Send Me By Planetshakers?

Alan Gorrie, Alan Edward Gorrie, Daryl Hall, Daryl F Hall, Peter Lord, Peter Moreland, Vernon Smith, V Jeffrey Smith

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