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Sex Junkie

Sex Junkie Lyrics by Plasmatics
Sex Junkie Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Sex Junkie By Plasmatics?

You Live Your Life
Just To Let Yourself Go
You Are The Lowest
The Lowest Of The Low
Beg For Me Crawl For Me
Down On Your Knees
You're A Sex Junkie
You'll Do As I Please

Harder Faster
Harder Faster

Secrets Of Lust
That You Keep In Your Mind
Victims Like You
Are So Easy To Find
First Name Is Dirt
And Your Last Name Is Sleeze
You're A Sex Junkie
You'll Do As I Please

Horny Ideas
They Just Clog Up Your Brain
Destruction Vice
Or You'll Just Go Insane
Degrading Darkness
You Live Just For These
You're A Sex Junkie
You'll Do As I Please

Two-Hundred Million Bodies Sold
You Come Walking
Through The Night
Your Flesh Is Hot
You Cringe With Fright
You Perspire Through Your Clothes
Your Thing It Grows
And Grows And Grows
Sex Hormones Dropped
From Out Of The Sky
Millions Orgasm
Until They Die
Squirming Flesh
You Beg For More
You Live For Sex
There Is No More

Eat Me

Who Wrote Sex Junkie By Plasmatics?

R. Stotts, R. Swenson, W. Beech

What's The Duration Of The Sex Junkie By Plasmatics?

The duration of Sex Junkie is 3:08 minutes and seconds.

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