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Summer Nite

Summer Nite Lyrics by Plasmatics
Summer Nite Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Summer Nite By Plasmatics?

That Summer Night
The Night I Will Never Forget
We Took The Subway To The
Rock And Roll Club
Three Hours Later The Ambulance Came
And Took You Away Forever

The Summer Night Was
Hot And Sticky
They Searched For Knives And Weapons
At The Door
We Got Inside The Club
It Was Packed
People Push And Shoving
On The Floor
It Would Give Me Kicks To
Make You Jealous
I Gave This Other Guy
The Eye
I Didn't Know My
Head Game Was A Dead Game
And That Night You Were
Going To Die

Baby Baby
Baby Baby
We Just Went Out To Have Some Fun
Baby Baby
Baby Baby
We Can't Go Back 'cause Now Its Done
Baby Baby
Baby Baby
Now I'm The One Who Has To Pay
Baby Baby
Baby Baby
Since The Night They Took You Away

You Pushed This Guy And He
Pushed You Back
You Knocked Him Into The
Amplifier Stack
The Bouncers Came And
Dragged You Both Outside
Did You Know You Were
Riskin' Your Life To Save Your Pride
I Begged You To Stop And You
Hit Him More
You Didn't See His Three Friends Come
Through The Door
Four Against One And
They Had A Knife
In Ten Seconds They
Put Out Your Life

One Year Has Gone By And
The Pain Is Still There
I Think I See You Everywhere
I Can't Kill My Feeling So I
Got To Kill Me
That's The Only Way That
I Can Be Free
Liberation In A Hand Full Of Pills
I'm Tired Of Kicks And I'm
Tired Of Thrills
One Year Ago On That Summer Night
They Took You Away
Now Its Time To End The Fight

Who Wrote Summer Nite By Plasmatics?

R. Stotts, R. Swenson

What's The Duration Of The Summer Nite By Plasmatics?

The duration of Summer Nite is 4:46 minutes and seconds.

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