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Better Left Unsaid

Better Left Unsaid Lyrics by Platypus
Better Left Unsaid Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Better Left Unsaid By Platypus?

Over the waters of the moment,
Over time that's yet to be.

An absent thought becomes a comment
Etched in all eternity.
My friend confusion walks with me
Up to the door but he won't leave.

Some things are just better left unsaid.
Blue green roller coaster in my head.

Darkened field of bloody armor.
... A rope is hanging from a tree.
A soldier clinging to his last breath
... A ladder sits within his reach.
My tongue can be a two edged sword
And you can be the enemy.

And if i say something this minute,
I know I later will regret.
Don't hold on to it with all your might.
I am not giving up just yet.

And if I find I can't express
All of the things I want to say.
I hope you read into my eyes
All of the time i wish i could repay.
I'm starting over
Every second, every minute, every day.

Who Wrote Better Left Unsaid By Platypus?

Derek Sherinian, John Ro Myung, Rod Morgenstein, Ty Tabor

What's The Duration Of The Better Left Unsaid By Platypus?

The duration of Better Left Unsaid is 5:22 minutes and seconds.

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