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Bye Bye

Bye Bye Lyrics by Platypus
Bye Bye Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Bye Bye By Platypus?

A girl of such grace, a smile on your face.
A woman of women to me.
A musical prose or a beautiful rose.
And you brought us all down to our knees.

Ribbons from flowers divided into.
Given to those left alive.
And when you slipped quietly into heaven's door.
I never said bye bye.

I laughed with you children and we love together still.
Your blood runs down deep in our veins.
And the way that you've welcomed everyone into the fold.
Your love covered all of the pain.

Ribbons of love divided into.
We hold with our hearts and our lives.
And some will slip quietly into heaven's door.
And there's no need to say bye bye.

Who Wrote Bye Bye By Platypus?

Rod Morgenstein, John Ro Myung, Derek Sherinian, Ty Tabor

What's The Duration Of The Bye Bye By Platypus?

The duration of Bye Bye is 4:51 minutes and seconds.

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