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The Tower

The Tower Lyrics by Platypus
The Tower Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For The Tower By Platypus?

I am the captain and it feel absurd.
How I let my life crash down by your every word.
And I know you feel the weight it puts on you.
But I can't stop thinking we can make it through.

Can we keep hanging from the tower?
Can you believe in what you once could feel?
Not turning back but going up the hill.
I'm sure there is a view from the very top.
And then it's all downhill and never stop.

Can we keep hanging from the tower?
Can we keep hanging from the tower?

Today I said out loud a little prayer.
And I Don't believe it died out in the air.
It maybe seems impossible today ...
But I will keep believing anyway, everyday, all the way.

Can we keep hanging from the tower?

Who Wrote The Tower By Platypus?

Derek Sherinian, John Ro Myung, Rod Morgenstein, Ty Tabor

What's The Duration Of The The Tower By Platypus?

The duration of The Tower is 3:29 minutes and seconds.

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