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Movin' On

Movin' On Lyrics by Playa Fly
Movin' On Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Movin' On By Playa Fly?

Ohhh, we movin' on
Hey now playa whacha waitin' on
Come on playa we movin' on
Ha-tah get that hatin' gon

[Playa Fly]
Yea I hope you playaz dig this route that Ibn choosin to take
A mellow level big and better still I'm all in ya face
It is a must that I clutch me so much of this P
And spread it out through Minnie Mae cause that's who runnin' with me
We movin' up and stayin' down maan that all that we know
We walk the top of bean stalks
While hatin jackers below
And if I felt that a step taker sat in my place
I'm takin two and droppin' you and Flizy do it so haste
Maan! You and Reg we was down here so young
And Mr Mark from SPL
2nd graders we hung
As years past, I thought I knew what birthdays meant
But never knew until I recalled all the time that I spent
People think they thankin' bankin' but they only maintain
Before they know they bout to blow it and they losin' the game
Ain't nothin' change but the days and the dollars I make
And shit I take but playa fly gon' keep ahold of some faith


[Playa Fly]
2nd round more down than I was before
And like BP I'm on the move because I stay on the go
And got a mean lookin team on the side of my hip
To put some smiles on our face you need to toss us some grip
It's playa ship take a trip all around the world
With me and frost tossin' crowns to the ones that deserve
Full of herb, so superb, and Fly ain waitin' no mo'
I have no patience but you won't playa face in the blow
Cause wastin' time is a crime and it ain't on my mind
Rollin' gold and I'm prized til the day that I'm dyin'
I ain't lyin' cause I got a back and boy that's tuff
I mean they ruffer than the soldiers in the persian gulf
And when we buck you out of luck
Cause it's time to drop
Once we commense it gets intense until the time that we stop
So understand in ya brain
I know the rules to the game
And when a playa say its ova
You'll be feelin' some pain


[Playa Fly]
Yeah it's number three and Ibn hopin' that you rollin' with me
As a matter of fact a playa know it cause you show it to P
And all this love for the Fly I'm trappin' deep inside
To motivate and pick me up
When I'm choosin' to glide
As I go from coast to coast again proposin' a toast
But this one here is to my baby that be lovin' me most
So watch me roll across the globe until ya eyes get tired
And I might slow it down when my child retires
I know it's real but it's just a lil mess that I made
Super trill so I'm movin' on perfectin' a trade
And Flizy raised any which a way I'm choosin' to flow
Droppin' bows to the floe' with they face in the snow
So don't oppose or uphold any grudges with me
Fly gon' bring a tone and bone and knock you flat off your feet
When Minnie Mae get in ya face
We ain't comin' to play
We gettin' it on and movin' on and that the way it'a stay


Who Wrote Movin' On By Playa Fly?

Dallin, Stock, Waterman, Woodward

What's The Duration Of The Movin' On By Playa Fly?

The duration of Movin' On is 4:55 minutes and seconds.

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