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I Kno U Workin

I Kno U Workin Lyrics by Plies
I Kno U Workin Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For I Kno U Workin By Plies?

Ol' police ass nigga, dawg I know you workin
Tryin to set a bitch up, gone make a nigga hurt em
That nigga poison dawg, a bitch need to murk em
What the f*ck you mean nigga I know you workin [x2]

That nigga name all through a bitch black and white
That nigga told them crackers shit that they didn't that even ask
Went Feds, got out and acted like it's alright
That nigga you snitched on, shit them crackers gave em life
You know that f*ck nigga the police and you and that nigga tight
Ridin with that f*ck nigga like that nigga right
A birds of a feather flock together ya'll just alike
And ya'll copy from the f*ck nigga and buyin pipe
How you gone break bread with a nigga, dawg you know you trif
These niggas go from real to f*ck niggas over night
You can't flip it now you police for life
And stay from around me f*ck nigga you ain't my type


And how I feel nigga I might wack you on the high
Since you can't seem to close yo Pussy ass mouth
You got nigga spooked niggas scared to go to trial
See ya'll police ass niggas came back in style
Settin niggas you pussy niggas gone wild
Brokin niggas off takin niggas from they child
I want to kill all you pussies put ya all in a pile
In every click it's a potential snitch hangin 'round
Got the f*ck from around you niggas, moved out of town
Nigga you stay too long nigga ya fed bound
A nigga that told on his brother to knock his time down
Nigga you tell on one of my peoples I'm gunnin ya ass down


Tell ya son the truth nigga his daddy's a pussy
If you was real you would have got ya little time and took it
Instead of being a soulja f*ck nigga you turned cookie
You think this snitchin shit sweet, you really think you whippin
You gone come home one night a bitch gone be in them bushes
Them crackers ain't gone be able to protect yo ass then pussy
So why you roamin these streets nigga you betta be lookin
Fo that nigga snitched on ya people dawg don't givin no cushion
Murk that pussy ass nigga nawl don't whippin
You took yo people life so his life needs to be tooken
Them choppa bullets through his head, where you need to put them
Dead or livin f*ck nigga you'll forever be pussy


Who Wrote I Kno U Workin By Plies?

Algernod Washington, Ronell Levatte, Romero Graham, Henson Willingham, Henson Doran Willingham

What's The Duration Of The I Kno U Workin By Plies?

The duration of I Kno U Workin is 4:16 minutes and seconds.

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