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Want It, Need It

Want It, Need It Lyrics by Plies
Want It, Need It Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Want It, Need It By Plies?

I never knew you felt like that baby, pleasures all mine

[Chorus: Ashanti]
Oh boy I think of you on two occasions that's wen I want it (that's wen I want it)
That's wen I need it(that's wen I need it) you know I think of you on 2 occasions
That's wen I want it (that's wen I want it) that's wen I need it(that's wen I need it)

[Verse 1]
I think it so cute how u use me wen u want sex I'm who you come n see I'm the one you
Call wen ya body on e u need a refill I who u cum see they give you 87 I give you 93
Premium top of the line straight deep say it again in my ear{ plies you a beast} how
Could one dis gotta be so sweet whatever you need it's my treat all I want from you
Is to let me go deep I'm on call for you seven days a week sex on delivery s.o.d


[Verse 2:]
Wen she think bout me she get so wet whenever she want she send me a text do
I want it tonight baby yes between her legs she so blessed she the best thing in
The bed that I met you need a good jug be my guest whatever u want I'm at yo request
Til I get to ya I can't rest all I can think about is feeling yo sweat playing in your hair
Feeling your flesh watching you as u get undressed I'm yo goon u my goonette


[Verse 3]
I'm sleeping I feel yo hand inside my boxers baby it's 5 in the morning you rubbing on
Oscar know if you wake him up it's goin' be problems I know you playing with what ya
Want so I ain't going stop ya just let me open my eyes so I can watch it you want a
Dose of ya medicine you wanna see the doctor gon' take em off so I can goin'
Lock ya I call you momma you call me poppa tonight I wanna make you tonight my baby
Mama scent like water me no aroma come a lil' closer so I can put it on ya
You my property I'm yo owner


Who Wrote Want It, Need It By Plies?

Kenneth Edmonds, Jonathan Rotem, Sidney Johnson, Darnell Bristol, Shonie Osumanu, Algernod Lanier Washington

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