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You Lyrics by Plies
You Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For You By Plies?

[Chorus: Tank]
You! {you)
Thinking about me! (thinking about me)
Sucking on you! (sucking on you)
You sucking on me! (can you do that for me babe?)
Me! (ohhhh)
Thinking about you! (thinking about you)
Cumming on me! (cumming on me baby)
Me cumming on you! (come on suga babe)

I won't be cute tonight, I wanna get nasty
Let me drop this mayonnaise, baby, in your salad
Slide your hand in my pants if you want to grab it
Bet as soon as you touch it, you call me "Big" Daddy
Want to lick all over you before I let you have it
Hold your legs open for me so I can really pack it
I'm already rock hard, you ain't gotta jack it
Bet the tip of this tongue make you really like it
Picture us on the floor with no clothes on
You eatin me, I'm eatin you, shit we both grown
Let you ride me tonight off your favorite song
Tonight a special night, baby a freak is born


Let me cut a hole right in the middle of your panties
Put a peep-hole right on top your candy
I'mma have you moaning, win you a Grammy
I'm a goon lil' momma but I like it fancy
See, sucking all on ya is what get ya antsy
Seeing how a goon move, got you wantin to chase me
After I rip you tonight you might want to ban me
Your friend wanted me to, that's why she can't stand me
It's ya print in ya jeans what got my attention
A real nigga in your life is all you missing
Ain't nobody like me baby, I'm my competition
Bet when you walk out the door in the morning you leave whistlin


If you want to we could just tease each other
Get drunk get naked and lay under cover
Let me peek at her first before I go any further
Stick my finger in yo mouth before I even touch her
Got to put it in, we could just hunch each other
See if I could make you nut without even fucking you
Feel me pushing up against ya, then go on and rub it
Now you mad you wanna f*ck, I can tell how you cussin
Just a couple minutes ago, you wasn't fucking nothing
Now you pressing up against me because that pussy gushing
Got you squirmin all over, now I got you touchin
Made a crunk cut, now we sucking and fucking


Who Wrote You By Plies?

Mark Kibble, Mervyn Warren, Michael Nathan Lawrence, Bebe Winans

What's The Duration Of The You By Plies?

The duration of You is 3:38 minutes and seconds.

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