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Early Times

Early Times Lyrics by Poco
Early Times Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Early Times By Poco?

Early times gone to rhyme
Somebody said it was a good time
To me, it was a long, long time
Just a long time

Early days gone to a gaze
Somebody said we'll make it crazy
And the leader passed it on
And he got lazy

Songs they got to slippin' and right-hand man took to trippin'
And the leader passed it on
Familiar faces I seen, similar places and I wonder
How we left some traces

Come the moon, go the sun
And I believe there's something on the run
Catching up we ran so far behind

Early days gone to rhyme
Early days gone to rhyme
Early days gone to rhyme

Who Wrote Early Times By Poco?


What's The Duration Of The Early Times By Poco?

The duration of Early Times is 4:20 minutes and seconds.

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