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Time to Go

Time to Go Lyrics by Poison Idea
Time to Go Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Time to Go By Poison Idea?

Action's too fast, time's too slow
Waiting for you, when you show,
We finally meet, then I finally know,
Is it time to stay or finally go.
Well? I hear that you've met a friend of mine,
I guess it's true what they say, there's really not enough time
To do all the things I wanted to do,
Before you say, hey you're through.
No voice, no choice, can't fight, nothing to win.
Wake up, time to go, pass out, take it fast.
A night's sleep may be a soul earned, but stick around
You'll get your turn, it happens just like that.

Who Wrote Time to Go By Poison Idea?

Jerry Lang, Poison Idea

What's The Duration Of The Time to Go By Poison Idea?

The duration of Time to Go is 1:31 minutes and seconds.

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