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At the Edge

At the Edge Lyrics by Queensryche
At the Edge Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For At the Edge By Queensryche?

Yeah, you can smell it in air
Frustration, you know, like no one cares
We've forgotten how to dream
When they come scraping through the wreckage
And leave it all for saints to sanctify
You'll be dancing at the edge of the world

Now read the headlines, what a sleeper
Now I ain't Gandhi and I ain't no teacher
But it's all the rage with my generation,
I'm doped up fat, can't get it up
Gimmie another shot I'll be fine, I'll be fine
Some one's kicking in your door and you're screaming for the more
Dancing at the edge, yeah you're just going to take it?
Ain't going to make me bow my head, dancing at the edge

Time to listen, cards close
Time to look at what's behind closed doors
Got gasoline, ammunition, like 911, a controlled demolition
"Come to Jesus", they say, "Don't be a sinner"
They chose a mad man to be our leader
Now where's the rage, my generation, doped up fat
Can't get it up, gimmie another shot, I'll be fine

Campaign promises, no one's buying it
How much can you take before your back breaks?
Now where's your rage?
My generation, doped up fat, can't get it up
Gimmie another shot, gimmie another shot

Who Wrote At the Edge By Queensryche?

Geoffery Wayne Tate, Scott Douglas Rockenfield

What's The Duration Of The At the Edge By Queensryche?

The duration of At the Edge is 6:03 minutes and seconds.

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