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Big Noize

Big Noize Lyrics by Queensryche
Big Noize Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Big Noize By Queensryche?

When I'm looking up, you're looking down
Always on the outside no common ground
I don't get what you think you're trying to be

You know, everything you say is such a bore
I'm just trying to hold on
The paper in front of me is screaming
But you can't see how we're dying

Give me blue girls, give it to me now
Hat will it take to convince us to change?
A hard rain gonna come, a hard rain is going to fall
It's going to make Big Noize
It's gonna make Big Noize, change your mind

That day in September when our pants were down
I'll never forget the buildings falling round us
They always said it couldn't happen here
Now we're coming apart from the inside and we're mad as hell
But all the fun is about to begin so you better jump in, hold on

Because we're tired of your game, rules you make
Political views the money you take, golden tans, velvet ropes
No more snow white smiles
I wish it would rain

A hard rain's gonna come with televised opinions
So everyone can look at what's inside
But all it takes is a moment and you're free
Are you ready for that?

A hard rain gonna come. Make Big Noize
It's gonna change the world. Make Big Noize
It's just got to change, change your mind

Who Wrote Big Noize By Queensryche?

Geoffery Wayne Tate, Kelly M. Gray, Scott Douglas Rockenfield

What's The Duration Of The Big Noize By Queensryche?

The duration of Big Noize is 6:35 minutes and seconds.

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