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Hot Spot Junkie

Hot Spot Junkie Lyrics by Queensryche
Hot Spot Junkie Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Hot Spot Junkie By Queensryche?

The wifi wave, I'm addicted to the wifi wave.
An indispensable satellite tool I abuse, I abuse.
The world wide web and all the pictures on YouTube, there's no escaping it.
Keeps on crawling under my skin.

Can't look away from the screen, might miss what's happening.
I'm busy surfing for some other kind of fantasy.
My mind's a river flowing don't know which way to run.
I'm wound up tight I'm like a hot spot junkie with a down loaded gun.

This Wifi frenzy world revolutionary cyber world.
Ready get some air time, air wave time.
You got it under your skin?

The world wide web has the local news on YouTube.
The connectivity is crossing the threshold, crossing the threshold.

Encrypted codes and filters but there's no time to rest.
A revolutionary modern world in distress.
Just like a fire glowing, don't know how much will burn.
A WiFi knuckle hot spot junkie.

Who Wrote Hot Spot Junkie By Queensryche?

Eddie Jackson, Geoffery Wayne Tate

What's The Duration Of The Hot Spot Junkie By Queensryche?

The duration of Hot Spot Junkie is 3:57 minutes and seconds.

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