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Moonlight Lady

Moonlight Lady Lyrics by Quiver
Moonlight Lady Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Moonlight Lady By Quiver?

Look at the rain and look at the stars tonight
All fallin' down on me
See them tumble through my door
I look at your face
The light is in your eyes
And there's something there I need
I long to hold a little more

Moonlight lady, let me in
Take me in your arms again
I'm lost, in trouble here tonight
Moonlight lady, hold my hands
And let me know you understand
When I say I need a friend
Stay here with me till the end

Deep in the heart of nowhere
I'm still on the lookout for a sign
That there's an answer in the cards
The more apart, the more I need you at my side
To shine the light you have
To guide me through the stars

Stay here with me till the end
Moonlight lady let me in

Who Wrote Moonlight Lady By Quiver?

Iain George Sutherland

What's The Duration Of The Moonlight Lady By Quiver?

The duration of Moonlight Lady is 3:09 minutes and seconds.

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