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Winner Take All

Winner Take All Lyrics by Red Rider
Winner Take All Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Winner Take All By Red Rider?

Time is up, I don't know where you are
Sands run down, I can't see that far
Are you shot straight back into another star
Where your mouth it moves, but the words don't come
You don't give it another thought
Little round peg in a big square slot
Strangest son in a big top coat
If you go that far then that's all she wrote
Win or lose you've got the Berlin blues
Your back's to the wall
Winner take all, take all

I know the face can you remember the name
You know the one with the silicon plan
The high step roller from the Argentine
The one they all called the 'Wolverine'
You kept your back to the wind
And your tracks so clean
They all wanted to get to you
They all wanted to know if it was true
Were you standing in the shadows in old Kitzbuhl
Getting oh so high when you turned the screw
Could you feel us there, did you know that we knew

Win or lose

I see a light, I can hear a voice as someone says
You're going home for good tonight
If you win or lose, you've got the Berlin blues
When you back's to the wall
Winner, take all take all
They'll try to tell you that's all
Winner take all, all

Who Wrote Winner Take All By Red Rider?

Thomas William Cochrane

What's The Duration Of The Winner Take All By Red Rider?

The duration of Winner Take All is 4:02 minutes and seconds.

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