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Da Journee

Da Journee Lyrics by Redman
Da Journee Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Da Journee By Redman?


Come with us
Come take the elevator shift six billion feet beneath
Where the Def Squad dwells
Where your dreams and imaginations is only
Loose change in a motherfucker's pockets
This is Dr. Trevis coming to you live from WFDS
We're From the DarkSide radio
Niggas better get your flashlights
'Cause it's pitch black!

I travel the Milky Ways and the stars of the Gods
Then return six billion feet beneath to get cigars
My lyrical format sounds off like gun claps
Underground, where you need flashlights and hard hats
My mind is ten levels deeper than Jacob's Ladder
Batter the paragraph, after your gall bladder will shatter
Nymphomaniac on track when I Flex like Funkmaster
Flex you can bet I'm not playing with a full deck!
I go far beyond acting hard and pullin' triggers
I just want to die and come back as the Nile on the river
Zone until I figured, how to wake up in the morning
And the corners of my mouth be like foamin' when I'm open
Y'all neighborhood roughnecks, I cause a threat
My silhouette, who pack smacks niggas just like Treach
Comin' through comin' through, put your hands on your hand fun
'Cause I'm crazy off that chronic from my man grandson
I shoot to kill, puff blunts in Hooterville
I be murderin' MC's from up here to Urbantown
I sweat dark, when I get off my shit ock
Yoyoyo that's that's E and them!
Yo word up? Yo what's going on?
Yo chill chill chill chill

Who Wrote Da Journee By Redman?

Reggie Noble

What's The Duration Of The Da Journee By Redman?

The duration of Da Journee is 2:12 minutes and seconds.

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