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Dr. Trevis

Dr. Trevis Lyrics by Redman
Dr. Trevis Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Dr. Trevis By Redman?

Ok Redman, on the count of three I want you to
Completely forget how you did the first album
Erase data number four exhibit C-Y protanium
Now, what I want you to do is concentrate
Concentrate on how you will do the second album
No funk element too nucleus to the ninth power
Exhibit four-L-W
Now, when I count to three
I want you to fall into a deep mind of emotion
But before you do Redman, I want you to
Light this shit up

Tired of burning, ah!
Kill that motherfucker
Yeah, help me get out of here
Die nigga die!
I don't wanna die
Die! Hehehehehe

I want you to concentrate very hard on how you will do the second album
I want you to take the funk where it has never gone
I want you to take this LP to where no other LP has risen
You son of a bitch
Dr. Trevis signing off

Who Wrote Dr. Trevis By Redman?

William Earl Collins, George Jr Clinton, J S Theracon, Larry Troutman, Roger Troutman, Jim Vitti

What's The Duration Of The Dr. Trevis By Redman?

The duration of Dr. Trevis is 2:10 minutes and seconds.

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